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Senior manager at Alexander & Co becomes the most qualified tax advisor in the UK

Alexander & Co's Senior Manager, Rowan Morrow-McDade

Following 14 years of professional exams, Rowan Morrow-McDade, a senior manager at Alexander & Co Chartered Accountants in Manchester has become the most qualified tax advisor in the UK. This achievement follows his last exam in December 2023 (Trust and Estate Practitioner).

In addition to his professional achievements, in November last year, Rowan was invited to Westminster to address MPs at the All-Party Parliamentary Committee for the Loan Charge, which had previously been an area of focus for Rowan.

In early December, Rowan was listed in the top 50 most influential accountants in the UK on X (formerly Twitter), by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. He uses this platform to spread knowledge about tax and finance related matters to the public in an understandable way. Subsequently he has also featured in Vogue Magazine and on Times Radio.

Noticing the previous crypto boom early, he went on to gain a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert qualification, assisting Alexander & Co to become one of the leading authorities on crypto tax in the UK. Rowan has since presented on tax at several crypto currency festivals, including CoinFest in Manchester and The Bitcoin Adventure in Bristol.

In 2023, he was awarded Young Accountant of the Year, with the judges stating: “Rowan’s entry was very strong, going above and beyond in his role, setting up networking events for the Manchester business community.”

His full professional title, where his letters read like an anagram (and ironically can spell capacitated), is now Rowan Morrow-McDade BSc (Hons) BFP ACA ATT CTA ADIT TEP.

These qualifications include:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians
  • Chartered Tax Advisor
  • Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (with distinction)
  • Trust and Estate Practitioner (with distinction)
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert
  • Certificate in Business Valuation

At Alexander & Co, Rowan has always wanted the ability to advise clients on a wide range of complex tax matters. By completing all the main tax qualifications in the UK, Rowan can advise clients on issues as diverse as crypto-currency tax to tax residency and domicile.

Rowan commented “I want to get to the point where there is nothing I don’t know about tax. I am a long way off, and as tax is ever evolving and changing I know I will never get there, but I am enjoying the journey.”

When asked if there are any more qualifications in the pipeline, Rowan stated “watch this space”.

If you want to follow Rowan, you can find him on LinkedIn or on X (@rowanmmcdade).

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