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The North West’s first women-only studio opens in Cheadle

Chloe Blair

The first ever women-only strength and wellbeing studio has opened in the heart of Cheadle, on Stockport Road.

Winners Strength & Wellbeing Studios provides women of all ages with a safe and comfortable space to train, promoting positivity, wellbeing, confidence, empowerment, kindness, strength, support and dedication, with plans to roll out across the North West over the next couple of years.

Founder Chloe Blair, a passionate PT who herself has had her own journey of mental and physical struggles, wanted to open a studio with the aim of creating a community of strong, confident women. Winners Strength & Wellbeing Studios is the first of its kind in the North West, offering seven class styles specifically designed for women, as well as wellbeing workshops, all with the intention of helping women reach their mental and physical goals.

Chloe, who is in her late 30s, retrained as a PT less than two years ago. She quickly realised that there were very few places where women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels and religion could train together comfortably, without judgment. Furthermore, there was evidently a lack of guidance for women, with very few PTs able to correctly teach women how to use weights to promote fitness which is more about the mind than the body.

Chloe comments: “As a PT I recognise that the fitness industry ostracises many women who actually need it. Gyms can be intimidating for many women and access to mental health resources are often limited. My aim is to create a space that tackles both issues. A space where women feel comfortable to push their fitness limits whatever level they are, and where they can get access to wellbeing workshops to help give them the tools to live a more positive and confident life.

“Everything we do is about inclusivity, no matter what shape, size or fitness level; we bring women together to make them realise that no one is better than anyone else; every single woman is just at a different stage of their own journey.

“My company values are all about supporting and empowering women; and this is also the focus of the training program that any PT has to go through to train the women of the Winners community.”

Chloe re-launched her outdoor classes on 12th April, when gyms re-opened and group exercise could take place outside. In six short weeks, she has already achieved over 100 members. With the doors to her studio now officially open, Chloe is confident that her membership numbers will increase very quickly.

She adds: “Having secured over 100 members in a matter of weeks when the studio was not fully open is incredible and it reinforces my vision; that there is a real need for women-only studios so that ladies feel supported, empowered and part of a community.”

Chloe currently employs two female instructors to assist her with the classes, both of whom are training to be PTs, following in Chloe’s footsteps.

With ambitious expansion plans for the future, Chloe concludes: “I set up my business and started training as a PT just a few months before the first lockdown. It has been challenging but I was committed now as we come out of a third lockdown, I am thrilled to have opened my very first studio.

“I don’t, however, just want to help women in one community, and have plans to open additional studios across the North West, and then further afield. Together with my team of instructors, we want to help as many women as possible achieve their true potential.”

To celebrate the official opening of Winners Strength & Wellbeing in Cheadle, Chloe is offering one free class to women up until 31st May, showcasing her classes and allowing as many women as possible to ease their way out of lockdown and start their very own fitness journey. Chloe’s Wellbeing Workshops will launch in July.