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The UK’s most active investor experiences record year in the North West


BGF, the UK & Ireland’s most active investor in growing businesses, experienced a record year of investing in the North West – providing £80m in long-term funding across 16 deals. This includes £58m across eight new investments and £22m follow-on funding for eight existing portfolio companies based across the region.

BGF’s team in the North West has now invested more than £230m across 23 businesses in the region since BGF was set up in 2011.

Neil Inskip, BGF, said: “Last year saw a continued climb in our investment activity across the North West, reflecting the work we’ve done to grow the team and build our infrastructure to drive new deals.

“North west entrepreneurs are clearly concerned about uncertainty surrounding Brexit, but this hasn’t translated into a wholesale pause in growth plans. We are pleased to be entering the new year with an encouraging pipeline and our focus in the region is to ensure that motivated companies are not forced into a growth hiatus because of a lack of support or investment in 2019.”

New investments in 2018 included Mission Mars, the North West operator behind hospitality concepts Albert’s Schloss and Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza. Mission Mars was the highest ranking North West business in 2018’s Sunday Times FastTrack.

BGF also added web hosting company Miss Group, Merseyside-headquartered Evoke Creative, Lancaster-based technology business Gaist and international bakery business Carrs Foods to its portfolio, while providing further funding for portfolio companies Kids Planet and High Access.

Other portfolio businesses continued to expand with acquisitions, including Hobs Group’s purchase of Callprint and Canon UK’s 3D printing business in December.

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