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Wakefield firm helps complete £3 million project to historic English park

A Wakefield-based firm has facilitated the completion of a renovation project of a long-standing English park worth £3 million.

Featherstone-based Route One has completed the decorative surfacing at Mary Stevens Park, Stourbridge with Casey Group. The local business was responsible for completing £20,000 resurfacing work to the historic project.

The park, opened in 1931, is a well-loved community asset in Stourbridge and has around one million visitors per year.

As part of a heritage lottery project, recently completed improvements include a new café, refurbished main gates, bandstand, war memorial and Heath Pool; costing £3 million in total.

Route One were employed by Casey Group to restore the decorative surfacing to the entrances, whose gates are as old as the park itself.

Resin Bonded gravel was installed around four of the entrances and Resin Bound to the main entrance.

The works were completed over one weekend so that the park could close their gates and cause minimal disruption to the public.

Ashleigh Wilson, Rout One Highways Sales Manager says:

“Casey Group are a major client of ours who we have built a strong relationship with. It has been a pleasure to support the heritage of one of our country’s longest standing parks and we look forward to working together on future projects.”

For more information on Route One visit www.routeonehighways.co.uk