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Wealth management company LFP appoints Happy Creative

Chorley-based wealth management consultants, LFP have appointed fellow Lancashire business Happy Creative as their marketing partner.

LFP, who celebrate their 21st anniversary this year, look after investment and retirement savings worth more than £300 million. A Senior Partner Practice of St James’ Place Wealth Management, Directors Mark Chester and Brendon Utley have forged a unique identity, one that has seen the business grow by being trusted partners, friends and family to clients.

Happy Creative have been engaged to raise the company’s visibility during this iconic year ensuring more people get to hear their story.

Initially, Happy will be using the 21st celebrations to raise visibility so more people in the area know LFP and the difference it is making to countless people in the local community every day.

Happy will start by giving all marketing activities a greater strategic edge, looking after social media channels, and promoting the company’s regular events and Q&A sessions. The strategy will then be implemented beyond the anniversary year.

“We are fortunate that LFP has thrived on referrals,” says Mark. “98% of our clients either have, or would, recommend us. Yet we recognise that we can’t always rely on our traditional marketing routes. We’re working with Happy to freshen up our offering and find new ways to reach the people who could benefit from our work.”

Brendon explained the reasons for choosing Happy. “Our success isn’t measured solely by investment returns. It is measured by the plans and dreams we have helped our clients achieve. To help them live a meaningful life (according to their own definition), to protect their assets and to help pass on those assets in the best way to those they love when they are no longer here. It was important to us that our marketing partner understood that because our values are extremely important to us.”

Happy Creative’s Chief Happy, Karen Lambert, admires the strong brand values of the trusted wealth management company. “When you talk to LFP you realise that this is a financial company with an extremely loyal and trusting client base. In their 21st year, we’re delighted to be sharing their story with a larger audience.”

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