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Wealth Management Expert Reveals Benefits of Financial Planning for the Future

A Wynyard-based expert in wealth management has revealed the benefits financial planning can have on your future.

Paul Gilsenan, who owns a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, has created a useful guide to encourage Teesside residents to consider the years to come when it comes to saving.

The practice has a range of different clients and tailors its advice to each of their needs with the advantage of face-to-face meetings and email support.

Not only will planning your savings help give you peace of mind about the future and what that may bring, but it can also act as a safety net should you ever need it.

With a number of handy online calculators on the Paul Gilsenan website, people looking to save for the future and get smart about their finances are able to gain advice on just how much they should be saving for their lifetime.

Paul said: “We cannot stress enough how important saving for the future can be and that’s why we’re on hand to guide people and assist them with their planning.

“Our handy online resources offer people the guidance they may need to get started and begin preparing for their future, whether that be for retirement or those looking to invest money.”

Paul’s list of benefits for planning ahead include:

Peace of mind

The main reason people decide to plan for their future and put a saving strategy in place is to help them rest easy in the knowledge that they are in control of their years ahead. Having such a plan and getting your finances in order may not seem like it’s changing much now, but it can really make a difference in the future.

Taking care of the whole family

Whether you’re part of a large family or are just starting to grow your household, planning your finances for your future is extremely important for the people around you. Having an investment or suitable protection policy in place can prepare you for the unthinkable and mean your relatives are less likely to struggle financially if the worst was to happen.

Investing in your own future

When saving money and planning ahead, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits this could have on your life. Thinking about and planning your retirement at any age is wise to do, as this will help provide you with a more stable financial future. With the age of claiming your state pension moving further away finding ways to invest extra money now should be of value in the years to come.

Paul added: “We would of course advise anyone who is serious about their finances to get in touch with us where they can find out more information and gain expert advice.”