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What Should an Accountant Be Doing to Grow Your Business?

Aaron Gilmore of TreyBridge Accountants

Every business owner wants to improve the efficiency, productivity and performance of their daily operations, which is why consulting an external specialist is a popular option. Whilst there are many experienced professionals out there, the one that often gets overlooked is the company’s own accountant. Whether they’re based in-house or outsourced, your accountant should be offering far more than bookkeeping, tax management and year-end accounts.

Aaron Gilmore is the founder and owner of TreyBridge Accountants. With offices in East Yorkshire and London, he and his team work to the core mission of helping clients to take control over the finer details of their finances:

“Having a general understanding of your accounts is a good start, but the key is to confidently say that you know how to navigate your numbers. The difference between these is enormous, as the latter is the ability to recognise where you are today, how you got there, and what you can do to improve the situation both immediately and in the long term.”

The problem with many businesses is that they don’t access this knowledge and insight. All accountants are skilled at keeping a company’s books accurate and compliant, yet very few play an active role in growing the business. With two decades of experience in the accounting sector, Aaron has kept his finger on the pulse of technological developments whilst enhancing his skills as a business advisor. The result is an accountancy practice that helps C-suite executives and entrepreneurs to remain compliant, budget effectively, and create a five-year plan with goals that are both ambitious and achievable.

“Put simply, your accountant should be constantly supporting the growth of your business,” adds Aaron. “Whilst bookkeeping, management accounts and credit control are key, an accountant who also acts as a financial consultant will apply their expertise to a variety of areas, ranging from cutting costs and increasing efficiency, to speeding up your sales funnel and exploring new opportunities for expansion.”

Crucially, business owners need to realise that this kind of business support can be very affordable. Whilst a full-time accounts department can come with a significant cost, the flexible and versatile nature of an outsourced accountancy firm combined with business advisory gives small business owners access to powerful consultation services.

Working with sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and entrepreneurs, Aaron Gilmore invites business owners across the UK to get in touch for free advice on 01482 235575.

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