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York Business Woman Launches Healthcare Company with a ‘Vision’


Haddy Nije is a successful York based business woman has launch a unique new natural healthcare business with an aim to also improve lives in Africa.

The first product to launch into the KOTU baym Naturals brand is a natural decongestant made from Shea Butter which works to relieve congestion. 10% from every purchase goes to 2022 Vision a charity who’s goal is to ensure that children in Sub-Sahara Africa has the opportunity and resources to develop key skills, practical working experience and the aptitude they need to seek employment, higher education and opportunities.

Haddy set up her website just one month ago and is now hoping to spread the word about the many beneficial uses of Shea Butter, a product used widely in Africa to help alleviate cold, aches and pains.

“The benefits of Shea Butter for the skin are well documented, but I now want people to realise its true potential as a healthcare product as well. It really is an amazing natural ingredient that truly works. Why use chemicals when you don’t have to?” she explains.

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