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You are Meant for More… The Message of Newcastle Born Positive Psychologist

This week, a female entrepreneur from Newcastle who is recognised globally as a leading positive psychologist, speaker, author, and coach but who nearly took her own life at the age of 12 after being bullied at school, has united with 10 other women leading their industries in a bid to inspire others to take create ‘unstoppable success”.

Passionate about health, happiness, and entrepreneurship, having hit rock bottom in her youth, but now having created her dream life, Niyc Pidgeon, who grew up in Gosforth, Newcastle has grown a 7 figure location independent coaching business that sees her travel the world, interview Sir Richard Branson, be recognised as Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and move from the UK to split her time between Cape Town and Los Angeles. She is now on a mission to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020, and she is well on her way to creating that. ‘You are Meant for More’ is a part of her contribution as she showcases other women she has supported, providing them with the opportunity of sharing their story and in turn hopes to continue the knock on effect of empowerment.

‘You are Meant for More’ went straight in at number 1 on the Amazon best seller charts in; Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship alongside books by; Sir Richard Branson, Baroness Karren Brady, Sir Alan Sugar, Carrie Green and Jo Malone – it is also sitting as the number one hot new release just about every category.

Niyc said: “During the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey I experienced the struggle of wanting to do good and really find my place in the world, trying to build a business with no financial support and learning the hard way about self doubt, anxiety and burnout, making many mistakes along the way. You might be familiar with the phrase ‘it takes ten years to create an overnight success’ and that has been very much my experience but now I am fast tracking the process for others.”

“These 10 ladies in ‘You are Meant for More’ have also experienced significant challenges, many life changing stemming from overcoming huge personal adversity, but they are now thriving in all areas of their lives. Bringing their stories together in this book I hope to not only celebrate their success but also showcase them as role models inspiring others who may currently be in need of courage and direction to enable growth, and change.”

Niyc, who describes herself as “just a girl from Newcastle upon Tyne with a big heart, a big vision, and a big big mission” says she grew up as a kid ‘with an inquiring mind’. Founder of Authors & Co, Abigail Horne who has brought the book to life said the book is for women exactly like the young Niyc. She said: “At Authors & Co we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy and the audience we serve are those with inquiring minds, keen to drink in information, and learn from others’ experiences. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves”.

Already reviewed as ‘a book jam packed with inspirational stories from a range of entrepreneurs’ and ‘I just couldn’t put this book down from start to finish – A must buy!’…

A collection of powerful stories it includes insights from the founder of the Color Your Dreams ™ Movement, Elaine Lou Cartas, who within her first year has helped women of colour create the business and life they deserve, across 21 different countries; Facebook ad Strategist and 6 figure business owner Emma Van Heusen who shares how after finding herself in the job centre feeling like ‘a washed up mum at 40’ she found her focus and now helps other mums do the same; Kelly Pretty an international love coach, spiritual leader and speaker, who tells of her emotionally scarred past that led her to this business focus and Linda Carr Davies a Business Turnaround Expert who has successfully manoeuvred through 3 recessions and is now coaching women over 40, who want more through ‘The Non-Millennial Revolution’ -the fastest growing movement in the world for the 40+ woman.

Linda determined to help more women rid the fear associated with female entrepreneurship said: “We were not born fearful, nor were we taught how to be fearful, but somehow as we evolved we became fearful. When did we stop dreaming and why? Most people are fearful of failure, but I have met more people recently who are fearful of succeeding. I hope in reading this book more women will feel excited rather than fearful about what they can achieve, and this would be a great impact to have made”.

Also featured are Lorna Riley, a Mindset Transformation Coach whose corporate career landed her in hospital multiple times, and is now helping professional women who have a fast-paced lifestyle and feel like they have lost who they are, to feel energised again; Siobhan Murray, a Behavioural Change and Burnout Specialist, whose early career in the music industry saw her work with Elton John and The Spice Girls, but who now leverages her positive psychology qualifications to break their glass ceilings, without burnt-out; Steffi Addison, a business success coach for service based Mumpreneurs focused on helping them grow their businesses so that they can leave their 9-5s and have the freedom to be present with their families and Tiffany Skirrow, who having empowered herself to thrive after childhood abuse, domestic violence, family loss, anorexia, and burnout, is now inspiring women across the globe to turn their pain into strength.

Andrea Callanan, a small business Guardian Leader of the year, who combines voice & mindset work with success coaching supporting high achievers globally said of the impact she hopes to make by sharing her story in the book…“There’s an old saying I remember my father telling me – ‘Educate the woman and you educate the family.’ I’d go one step further these days to say that if you inspire a high achieving female, you play a part in inspiring thousands of other women who walk in her shoes -and this is my hope for this book. Having revealed some of my personal struggles as well as techniques that have really helped my business fly I really hope to inspire readers to recognise they can change their lives too”.

As well as sharing personal stories and insights ‘ You are Meant for More’ also includes practical advice and guidance. Clarity & Success Coach, Alison Callan, who works with aspiring and conscious entrepreneurs and career climbers encourages aligned action and offers tips within the book that include:-

  1. Get focused on your end goal. When you consciously create your ‘Why’, you have purpose and intention’
  2. Be mindful of the time, energy and focus you give to thoughts which lead you astray and make you feel powerless and out of control. Instead stay in the moment and find your peace there.
  3. Create a morning mindset ritual to consciously connect to your Why, your vision for your future, so you begin your day with the perspective that is going to ensure you make the most of it and attribute your actions and responses to life through this lens. So that you consciously bring your best self to your day, every day.
    Believing that “your experiences can spark a passion that can be used to teach others and light a pathway to your purpose” Alison hopes this book will do just that.

You are Meant for More is available now via Amazon and will soon also be available in a paperback version too.

Niyc said: “Seeing ‘You are Meant for More’ become a best seller has really reinforced the power of the message that you can find your own silver lining within your challenges. I know this book has the power to shift perspectives and show other women there is an opportunity to find their greatness and create success whatever stage of their journey they are at right now. My wish is for this book to be an inspiration to many as evidence that women can powerfully rise when they work together.”

The book has come together in just three months and Authors & Co, which offers a unique programme taking an idea to a best-seller, has already celebrated 10 other best-sellers this year for female entrepreneur clients. As well as their 121 book coaching packages they have recently launched an online course, to open up the book writing process to an even wider audience.

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