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Agency expands as new projects and US clients fuel growth

(L to R): Richard Lee, Sarah Hone, Paul Snape, Susan Reid, Alex Frost and Jamie Snape

A clutch of new client accounts and projects for Harrogate-based media relations, digital and lead generation agency Appeal, has been driven by growing demand for blended media and digital-led campaigns in the UK and internationally.

Since the start of 2019, the £500,000 turnover firm has added six new projects for clients including analytics software firm Panintelligence, online construction retailer CMOStores, facilities management specialist B38 Group, vehicle fit-out firm SM UK and Leeds Manufacturing Alliance.

“Having already added around £100,000 of extra income this year, we’re gearing up, especially with extra social and digital media resource, to shift towards more blended campaigns which is the area in which we’re attracting the most new business,” said Appeal founder Paul Snape.

The 19-year established agency, which opened a US office in 2015 to capitalise on demand for the services of its sister-company GBM, has also benefited from a Brexit-related shift in export trade to the US by northern businesses.

Clients range from UK-based business to business service and product providers including manufacturing companies, professional services and property firms, to US States and companies.

“We started working with US firms in 2015, helping them promote themselves in the UK and Europe. Whilst that work has slowed somewhat, we’ve been increasingly busy with UK firms wanting to get a foothold in the USA, and needing support to get them started,” added Mr Snape.

The company has invested in developing new digital techniques to reposition the agency with a balance of traditional media relations and lead generation services, with an increasing focus on return on investment and sales campaigns.

“That investment has paid off in new projects for clients in the north and across the UK, from Plymouth to Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as numerous clients in the US ,” said Mr Snape.

The six-strong team of journalists, web and social media specialists, is based at the agency’s offices in Harrogate’s Montpellier Quarter and in Boston, USA.