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Beyond Housing further invests in fire safety

Beyond Housing Asset Project Manager Paul Aungiers (right) pictured at Spencerbeck House with the sprinkler project designer James Hoyland of DTA Consulting Engineers

Beyond Housing has completed the installation of a fire sprinkler system in a high-rise residential block in Middlesbrough.

The installation process at the nine-storey Spencerbeck House in Ormesby, Middlesbrough was started in March 2019 and, in partnership with contractors Geoffrey Robinson Ltd and consultants DTA Consulting Engineers, has now been fully completed.

The project, costing in the region of £450,000, was successfully delivered on budget and allowed Beyond Housing to carry out additional work, including the application of fire-stopping protection and the renewal of fire doors, to further safeguard residents.

The “wet-type” sprinkler system incorporates around 520 sprinkler heads and 1,400 metres of pipework and has been designed to meet stringent British safety standards for residential buildings. The electrical installation includes a back-up generator plant which would provide emergency cover to the fire life safety systems in the event of failure to the primary system.

Paula Aungiers, Beyond Housing Asset Project Manager, said: “The installation of the sprinkler system is a significant achievement for Beyond Housing and I am proud to have worked on such a fantastic project where we have increased the fire safety in this building. It will bring additional peace of mind for everyone to know that in the event of a fire we now have the extra measures in place to protect our customers and their families.”

Tracy O’Neill, Beyond Housing Executive Director, Customers & Communities, added: “Beyond Housing’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its customers is effectively illustrated by this proactive approach to addressing fire risk. This excellent installation was planned and delivered well ahead of the September Government announcement that new proposals would include consultation on reducing the building height for when sprinkler systems are required from the current 30 metres (approximately 10 floors) to 18 metres (approximately 6 floors) on new built properties.”