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Brand design agency Uniform reveals new brand identity for Encona

The new Encona brand by Uniform

Brand Design Agency Uniform today revealed the vibrant new brand identity they have created for the UK’s no. 1 hot pepper sauce brand, Encona. The agency worked with the client to take a brave new direction that enables Encona products to stay ahead in a growing market.

The Encona product range is part of the Grace Foods Corporation worth $1bn+. Grace Foods supplies brands from 14 countries across 4 continents. Despite huge market presence, wide availability and the high likelihood most UK kitchens store a bottle, Uniform were appointed to improve Encona’s brand recall.

Following phases of strategic research and brand development Uniform have created a vibrant new brand identity that celebrates Encona’s dedication to flavour and authentic recipes. Its fearlessly original brand positioning and design aim to set the product collection apart on the supermarket shelf and appeal to modern day consumers.

Uniform Creative Lead, Richard Pay states: “At Uniform, we know that even category leaders need to continually develop their products. Encona needed a brand refresh so that they could tap into new consumer markets, drive brand awareness and ultimately, continually grow.”

Encona Brand Manager Jack Elkins said “Uniform have captured who we are and what we do through the vibrant positioning. The identity gives clarity to the brand’s offer and will resonate with our fearless target audience. It empowers consumers to take Enconaship of their cooking.”

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