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Business development manager wants KCS to clean-up across the nation

Kingston Cleaning Services (KCS) are set for continued success following the appointment of the company’s Business Development Manager.

Damian Wright was appointed in March 2018 to spearhead the next chapter in the growing development of this renowned business. Hull-based but with a high-profile reputation nationally right across the industry, KCS has placed Damian at the forefront of generating new clients, further enhancing that reputation and creating job opportunities for its home city’s workforce.

With 20 years of business development and account management experience, along with a Hotpoint National Service award under his belt, Damian is well-positioned to make a positive difference at KCS.

The new KCS recruit joined the company having admired the reputation it has developed with its current client base and knowing that a good quality team was in place at the business to deliver for existing and new clients.

For Damian, the role is all about teamwork and providing customers of any size with a level of quality assurance for the service KCS delivers. Damian is also aware that the new role is a challenging one.

Damian said: “There are a lot of challenges ahead but that’s exciting for me and the business. First and foremost we want to be known as Hull’s cleaning company and then develop our national reputation and client base. This is a non-stop industry and you simply can’t pause. We have to keep improving, working hard and continually developing. I’m certainly not afraid of the hard work that is required and I know that I’ll find facing the challenges ahead really rewarding.

“When I met to discuss the development of the business with Managing Director Sean Carrison I was impressed with his attitude and the attitude of everyone that works here. KCS already has a strong team in place that delivers a great service for all of its clients. We will keep delivering for our existing clients, will continue to work with clients of all sizes while at the same time looking at expansion and making a big impact. We want to be on the national grid, so to speak. We want to build on being the cleaning business of choice for the city of Hull and do the same nationally.”

KCS has built its reputation delivering cleaning services across six sectors: education, commercial, residential, retail and leisure, manufacturing, industrial and pharmaceutical, and public realm. Its client base covers everything from shopping centres, local authorities and housing associations to schools, emergency services, the food industry, hotels and health centres.

Future business will be won on the strength of KCS’s high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Damian, who is from Hull, added: “I take pride in the service we deliver to the end user and that’s the reason I am in business development. Clients will want to work with us because of the service we deliver and because they trust in what we do.

“The business has developed organically and via client recommendations so this is the next step for us. Businesses that work with us have developed confidence in us because of the high standards we have and by talking to us about their expectations and we will continue to have that open dialogue as we develop the work we do with clients of all sizes.

“We’ll use what we have already built here as the springboard to further success. We will look to win contracts here and beyond the city to provide security to our local workforce. We want to develop more jobs for the people of Hull.”