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Children from Parkside GGI Academy get fit at Nuffield Health Gym in Barrow


Exercise, fun and healthy eating were the topics recently being enjoyed by forty young people from Year Two of Parkside GGI Academy in Barrow-in-Furness, when they swapped the classroom for Nuffield Health Gym.

The scheme, aimed at encouraging young people aged between six and seven to explore a healthier lifestyle saw the children doing an exercise class that included stretches, press ups and sit ups. This was followed by a demonstration about nutrition, concentrating on giving examples of ‘what are healthy and unhealthy foods’ that concluded with creating a refreshing smoothie. The young people then stayed for a packed lunch that contained some of the healthy food they learned about in the studio.

Roxanne Marks, Assistant Headteacher of Parkside GGI Academy, said: “The young people absolutely loved it! The time spent at the gym gave them a special insight into a healthier lifestyle that could go on to benefit their lives for years to come.

“We grow our own fruit and vegetables at school, which are used as ingredients in our free school dinners so the interesting subject at Nuffield Health about food and nutrition worked hand-in-hand with what the young people are learning in the classroom.”

Parkside GGI Academy currently has 250 students on its roster aged between two and seven years old. Miss Marks concluded: “The young people have really taken on-board everything they’ve experienced at Nuffield Health so much so next term we are introducing four health ambassadors, who will be reviewing the food we offer at mealtimes.”

Nuffield Health is one of the leading not-for-profit UK healthcare organisations, looking after people for more than 60 years. They not only provide services through hospitals and medical clinics but they also offer 100 Fitness and Wellbeing Centres and over 200

Corporate Fitness & Wellbeing Gyms, nationwide. The gym in Barrow currently has over 3,000 members.

“This new scheme is all about going out into the local community and showing people, young and old that Nuffield Health Gym is more than just a place to tone up and keep fit. It’s also about health, wellbeing and lifestyle,” said Lyndsey Wood, Deputy General Manager of Nuffield Health Gym in Barrow-in-Furness.

Lyndsey added: “We are looking to educate people about the importance of being active as a little bit of change can go a long, long way. This holds additional significance with Cumbria having one of the country’s highest rates of obesity in young people that later in life can potentially develop into Diabetes or heart disease.

“Our thinking is by helping to educate young people at an early age they might go home and tell their parents or guardian about the importance of exercise and healthy eating. It is something they can do together and doesn’t have to be boring!”

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