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Claims management business unblocks the data bottleneck

Caught in a daily cycle of trying to understand the priorities of 20,000 live files saw Newcastle-based claims management firm, Winn Solicitors, attempting to keep abreast of their competitors. It’s a problem faced by many law firms, who, like Winn, hold data across a myriad of different databases, but experience significant difficulties in accessing a real-time picture of what is happening today, this week or even this month.

Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management at Winn Solicitors, explains: “We were having challenges with the number of reports we needed to create and analyse across the practice. This was from both a financial perspective in terms of targets, as well as enabling us to drill down into caseloads per department, team and fee earner to ensure cases progressed in an efficient and timely manner. We were looking for a solution that had the flexibility to pull data from numerous locations into a user-friendly format that could benefit solicitors and finance staff¬ equally.”

The claims management specialists turned to Panintelligence to provide an easier way to report on and interrogate the data within its existing Eclipse Proclaim case management software to streamline operations and enhance its customer service offering.
The companies wanted to connect data in their case management solution to its other systems including the ability to correlate call metrics from telephone systems and the helpdesk calls. The objective was to monitor and manage workload and understand the number of calls coming through from brokers to enable the firm to manage the customer journey through call routing e¬ffectively.

With increasing pressure from the likes of the Law Society to adopt technology, while complying with the needs of GDPR, Winn turned to Leeds-based, Panintelligence, whose Business Intelligence platform was implemented on site in just a few days, and sits on top of Winn’s existing systems to provide clear data visualisation capabilities.

Presenting solutions to a myriad of challenges, the Panintelligence platform (Pi) now allows Winn’s employees to self-serve connected data across different views, relieving pressure previously put on reporting resources, removing bottlenecks and in turn, helping maintain profit margins.

Implementation of Pi dashboards means reports are instantly available by connecting the wealth of data in the source database with zero movement or extraction of data required. All of Winn’s data remains secure in the source database and allows users easy access to key metrics.

Clint added: “Diff¬erent individuals in the business, from MD to fee earners – across diff¬erent departments – can view their data in diff¬erent ways, filtering and drilling down into the underlying numbers to problem-solve. Our dashboards now display real-time data across over 20,000 live files and identify those very important cases which needed to be actioned.”

Winn’s case management system, while holding all the relevant data, could not match the depth and speed of real-time data presented within such tools.

Clint concluded: “The ease with which Pi’s dashboards can be created and integrated, both from a developer and end user perspective, meant Panintelligence ticked all the boxes. We can now monitor all operations and cases efficiently, driving our bottom line.”