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Digital Marketing agency Numagoo back Rob Burrow fundraiser

The Burrow Seven website was built by digital marketing agency Numagoo

Manchester-based Integrated digital marketing agency Numagoo are the digital partner supporting the Burrow Seven fundraising campaign, which is raising money for rugby legend Rob Burrow and his Fight Back Fund for the MND Association. The campaign is also being backed by Sky Sports and has gained global media attention when it launched in November of this year.

As digital partner, Numagoo created the Burrow Seven brand, designed and built the campaign website, created all digital and print assets including the welcome packs, and will oversee the paid social activity and email marketing. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about MND and encourage visitors to the site to purchase membership to the Burrow Seven Racing Club.

In just over a month the campaign has gained thousands of members from around the world. On Friday Dec 11 the team behind the fundraiser handed over a cheque for £50,000 to the MND Association. It is expected that this will be the first of many large donations the Burrow Seven team will make to the charity over the coming years.

Membership to the Burrow Seven Racing Club will last until October 31st 2021, and Numagoo will take responsibility for the upcoming CRM campaign that will provide regular updates about the horse’s performance and upcoming fixtures, including videos of Burrow Seven in training on the gallops so they can observe his form. They will also receive news about progress being made in the field of Motor Neurone Disease research.

As a fast-turnaround concept, the work was briefed just two weeks ago and delivered in just six days, pulling out all the stops to support the campaign.

Phil Hawthorne, founder of Racing4Business, who is running the Burrow Seven campaign says: “Numagoo have been an excellent partner on this campaign, which has been turned around in no time at all. They have kept pace with the ever-changing developments and anticipated what I needed throughout. The website looks fantastic, and I am delighted by the volume of membership sales to date. They have been absolutely integral to the campaign’s success.”

Phil Dunster, MD at Numagoo, comments: “Burrow Seven has a been a fantastic project to work on. We had a really talented team of specialists working on it who really pulled it out of the bag in an incredibly short amount of time. The campaign is performing really well with a web conversion rate of a massive 13%.”

“Our clients are traditionally manufacturing, leisure and business services SMEs who require our help with digital transformation or to create a successful e-commerce offering. It was great to build something from scratch for such a good cause. I’m really proud of the quality of work we’ve produced and the impact it will have.”

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