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Easier, faster, safer and now, even more stylish contactless wearables from K-pay

Inspired by aw2020 fashion and catwalk trends K-pay has released their first season collection of wearable wallets – in the form of easy to wear and stylish bracelets, key fobs and pendants.

K-pay launched earlier this year with a core collection of pieces and, thanks to the fantastic support and feedback they have now released their first seasonal collection.
K-pay is a Yorkshire based company whose vision and products are a fusion of the latest payment technology and stylish jewellery, addressing the needs of our ever growing cashless society

Fiona Cartwright, Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Director of K-pay explains: When we began working to develop K-pay we knew there was a demand for easier and faster ways to pay, however, this year has seen that demand increase exponentially. We all love the convenience of contactless payments, making our modern lives faster and safer.

“Our vision has always been to blend form and function to create something that people enjoy wearing whilst also making their lives easier. We’re proud that K-pay does that. It looks fantastic on, there are pieces for men and women to enjoy, and wearing K-pay saves you time and makes shopping, commuting and any contactless transaction so convenient.”

After launching in the summer K-pay has seen a wide range of customers engage with their products.

Fiona added: “We’ve had great feedback from everyone, the simplicity, style and convenience seems to benefit everyone’s life so whether you’re a busy mum with your hands full of kids, a commuter looking for safety and convenience, shopping with lots of bags or a sports person needing payment options without carrying phones or cards this is a unique and convenient way to go cashless.

All of these experiences as well as the design team’s own creativity have inspired the new collection which is now a fabulous mix of elegant, smart and eye-catching wearables.
The 35-piece collection ranges in price from £17 to £135 and has different sizes to suit smaller or larger wrists and incorporates both masculine and feminine designs, so you can choose your own perfect style.

Your K-pay contactless payment wearable is always ready to pay as it never needs charging and is simply funded by connecting to your Bank account, so just tap and go as you pay for your morning coffee, train ticket or drinks with a friend at the end of the day.