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Eccles opticians invests £150,000 into store expansion

The team at Specsavers Eccles

North West opticians has completed a major store expansion, representing a £150,000 investment into Eccles’ community healthcare provision.

The expansion of Specsavers, located in Eccles town centre, will allow more eye health and hearing services to be offered to customers than ever before.

To help with the increase in customer demand, the store has expanded the number of sight testing rooms from two to three. The store also has a new and improved layout, modernized flooring and the latest virtual try-on technology, Frame Styler, which uses facial analysis to scan your face shape and features; taking the guess work out of buying glasses.

The growing demand for audiology services also means the Eccles store’s new equipment will see it offer an enhanced hearing service, supported by the store’s team of trained audiologists.

Keval Subit, store director at Specsavers Eccles, says: ‘This expansion is a proud milestone for our team, and has only been made possible by the loyal support of the Eccles community over the years.

‘The decision to invest in our store supports our growing business needs and has been carefully planned to ensure that we offer the best possible service to our customers.’

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