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Manchester branding agency says music is vital for business marketing

Music proves important for Yorkshire businesses

Music is the art form that most people in Yorkshire and the Humber would miss most, according to new research by audio branding agency PHMG.

Thirty-six per cent of people in the region say they would be least able to live without music, compared to 16 per cent for books and 14 per cent for tv.

Only 12 per cent said they could least live without art, leaving avid moviegoers in last place with only eight per cent.

Daniel Lafferty, Director of Music and Voice at PHMG, said: “Music is absolutely integral to people’s lives and plays a large role in shaping their perceptions of society, their views and preferences.

“This makes it all the more puzzling why businesses still undervalue music when it comes to marketing, as it could give them a significant competitive edge.”

The research also reveals that a whopping 78 per cent of people in Yorkshire and the Humber claim that music is an integral part of their lives. Pop is the genre the region listens to most (40 per cent), followed by rock (16 per cent) and soul (six per cent) and indie (six per cent).

“Music has a significant emotional impact,” added Dan. “From pop ballads to opera, football chants to national anthems, songs can come with intense emotional baggage, triggering responses of past memories and experiences. A track with a positive personal association has the power to motivate, inspire and boost moods.

“This emotion factor makes it all the more important for businesses to choose an exclusive, bespoke track over an existing piece of music. With people applying their own emotional memories to a piece, there’s always a risk of a negative association – which can be easily transferred to the company.”

PHMG is the world’s largest audio branding agency, with offices in Manchester and Chicago, and more than 36,000 clients in 39 countries worldwide, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Audi and Adidas.

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