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Exclusive Cosmetic Dentistry Launches in Leeds

Leeds Dental Clinic Team

Leeds Dental Clinic has just launched its high-end practice on Global Avenue. Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, CEO of Leeds Dental Clinic is setting up this venture, where world-class implant dentistry meets contemporary cosmetic treatment, in a tranquil boutique setting.

This luxury new dental clinic will be a centre for excellence for implant, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Leeds Dental Clinic is officially launching with an exclusive event, where they will collaborate with Dentaid to raise awareness and money for the incredible charity. Dentaid have a long-term partnership with Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, and they offer free dental care to the homeless and those less fortunate.

Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, CEO of Leeds Dental Clinic has years of experience in specialist dentistry and educating dentists internationally in implant dentistry. Hassan has hand-selected a highly skilled team who share his commitment to providing innovative, evidence-based dentistry at the very highest levels of quality.

The BAIRD academy for which Dr. Maghaireh is on the Council will now be based at the same location as Leeds Dental Clinic. Operating since 2009 the academy is not only the largest in the UK but one of the top dental course providers specialising in aesthetics and implant dentistry. The implant academy is situated in the heart of Yorkshire, where the academy has a strong vision to promote clinical excellence through, evidence-based education. The BAIRD academy is boosting the presence of Yorkshire dentistry on the global stage.

The academy helps dentists across the globe elevate their expertise through high-quality standards in the world of cosmetic and implant dentistry. The clinic has more than 72 dentists travelling from all around the UK to Leeds to learn from the faculty. To keep close involvement between the practice and academy, being based in the same building means students will now have the ability to use cutting-edge technology and even study live footage of surgeries happening in the practice below.

Dr. Hassan Maghaireh, said “My vision has always been to offer quality dentistry to our patients in a high-end, relaxed atmosphere by bringing the best dentistry on a global level to Leeds.”

“We are proud to attract clients and patients from all around Yorkshire and the United Kingdom who are travelling to Leeds to a world-class dental practice, that offers high-quality dental therapy and solutions, whether it’s cosmetic, restorative, or dental implants. “