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FinTech North Initiative to Expand in 2018

FinTech North Initiative to Expand in 2018

The team behind FinTech North have announced plans to expand across northern England over the coming year, with seminars and events to be held not only in Leeds, but also in cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

FinTech North is a regional event initiative designed to generate collaboration throughout the Leeds City Region, generate economic benefits for the area, and enhance the FinTech reputation within the region and beyond. It is the brainchild of two Leeds-based businesspeople, Daniel Rajkumar, the Founder and Managing Director of rebuildingsociety.com and White Label Crowdfunding, and Julian Wells, Director of Whitecap Consulting.

Annual FinTech North conferences currently take place in Leeds in April, and monthly FinTech North Friday seminars are held in the city on a monthly basis. There are plans this year to organise events in other northern cities, expanding the reach of the scheme.

Attendees of the events are offered diverse, wide-ranging insight into the FinTech field from industry experts. Speakers at the most recent seminars have included representatives from the Department for International Trade, Leeds Digital Festival, Tech City and Leeds City Council. They have raised diverse topics relating to the sector, ranging from regional infrastructure and connectivity to cryptocurrencies and regulation.

The next FinTech North event will take place on Friday 23rd February, and will cover the topic of Women in FinTech.