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Global reliability firm launches in Yorkshire

A reliability solutions business has launched in Yorkshire following decades of industry success.

Holmfirth-based businessman, Gary Tyne, has launched Pro-Reliability Solutions (PRS) to support manufacturing industries with a focus on reliability and continuous improvement.

Gary has built an enviable reputation within global and UK-based manufacturing having worked in the sector for 35 years.

PRS supports companies to improve the way they perform and deliver maintenance from an engineering and operational perspective.

With an emphasis on five key elements to support company’s reliability needs, Gary’s trademarked strategy, ‘reliability focus’ incorporates reliability in design, reliability leadership, asset strategy optimisation, defect elimination and work management.

Having formed the company earlier this year, PRS has already picked up clients as far a field as Dublin and Poland, as well as in the UK. The company is working with multi-million-pound firms in the oil and gas, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare services and power generation sectors, to develop asset management programmes that keep things simple.

Alongside reliability reviews, PRS provide training and coaching for a-number-of reliability solutions, such as strategy optimisation and reliability leadership. Understanding that one-size does not fit all, PRS personalise the reliability assessment, analysing key areas of value that could be added to your business.

Gary has also been successful in securing a place on NatWest’s business accelerator programme and is based at its Leeds hub, as well as in Huddersfield at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.

Founder and managing director of PRS, Gary Tyne comments:

“Following decades of success in the global reliability industry, I am pleased to be setting up my own business to mentor, train and advise businesses on how best to manage their workforce and avoid failures.

“Building trusting relationships with a number of multi-million-pound businesses means I am able to travel all over the world to help companies improve asset performance.

“Launching my firm in Yorkshire with the support of the NatWest business accelerator programme has been beneficial in both business support and meeting fellow business people that will help my company succeed.”