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How to deliver email marketing strategies that work


You can see thousands of standard customers roil with marketing messages in your email every day. Email marketers send emails with competitive subject lines and other attention seeking statements. That’s what we called email marketing strategy; most companies use this technique to increase its overall sales.

The most important thing that should be kept in mind while sending these emails are the words. You should find the key sentence in your entire message that will stand out and explain the purpose of email properly. As we all know that most people just ignore these emails so there should be one thing attractive in your email that forces the person to open and read the email. If you have small business email marketing is the best and the easiest way to get more clients, so while writing email messages here are some strategies that you should follow;

Personalize your email

The first thing you should do while writing an email is that you should personalize the complete email without even writing the name of the customer.

You don’t have to follow the old pattern of writing dear and then the name of the receiver. This pattern is old you only have to type overall introduction of your work and services you are offering and then personalize it by writing some attractive lines about your service and company, and send it to potential customers.

If you fake out the familiarity with the reader of an email, then it could give a really bad impression on email subscriber. So it’s better to write authentic and original facts and figures about your company that could easily be trusted by the reader. It will also leave a very good impression and will definitely increase the chances of getting customers.

The subject lines

While writing an email, the subject line is considered to be the most important thing. You only have to define the purpose of writing an email in one line. That one line should be very attractive, so everyone opens up the mail and read it. The subject line is known as a dead zone area, and marketers declared it the most crucial thing, as all your internal email will only be read when clients find this one line attractive.

These subject lines could be long and short, but always prefer to write short but attractive subject lines. Top marketers suggest that subject line should be of maximum 70 characters. It’s more beneficial for engaging readers to read complete content of the email. And emails with subject lines of almost 49 characters and below than this are also tested and have given an amazing opening rate. According to studies, it was found that emails that possess subject lines of fewer than 10 characters also got a 58 percent open rate.

We can also see short subject lines written by President Barack Obama’s email fundraising campaign that has been published in vogue magazine. So with this fact, we can say that writing short subject lines could be very successful, in any business. Just choose your one-liner carefully, it should have a purpose and appeal in it, to attract the reader to open it up and read the entire message.

While writing any message, your purpose should be to get the boost clicks on your email and get as many potential customers as possible. Always select the list of emails that are related to your company’s field only then you could get more clients. If you select inappropriate people’s email addresses that are not even concerned with your product all will go vain.

Primetime for sending emails

Time is a very important factor for sending emails, believe me, if you will send messages at a certain time period which starts from 8:00 p.m. to almost midnight it could increase your chances. It’s basically known as the prime time for sending messages via email marketing.

Yes, you could make the draft of email which you want to send to your prospective clients from during business hours. But the emails that got most open rates aren’t sent during business hours or you can say from 9 am to 5 pm.

It’s basically a strategy to send emails within this specified time period. So based on the facts and figures, if you will send emails at a certain time during which people are free from their job and really see and read the emails, your business will grow more efficiently. Your first and most important motive should be to get more boosts of your email, write attractive short subject line and send it at fixed time period to get more emails opened up.

While sending emails you should also keep yourself aware of the time your competitors are sending emails. If both of you will send an email at the same time it will neither give benefit to you neither to your competitor. So if your time will be changed then there are more chances to get more customers and expand your business.

The best offers are free offers

For boosting up the sales of your company you have to give offers of free gifts or coupons about your pricing packages. This technique is used by most business owners only to attract more clients and also for developing the trust of the customer on your company. Obviously, if your company is new there will be very few people who will be ready to trust your services, but if you will allow discounts, free coupons on your services, it will help you to gain customer’s trust.

You have to offer discounts on your services from time to time and don’t forget to write about these limited time offers in your email, so that readers could read it and buy your service or product. This technique is very important for making long-term clients; all you have to do is to give these clients your best product or service.

47% of emails are opened from mobiles

While writing a message you should always keep in mind that you should write mobile-friendly emails that could get open easily on the mobile phone. The length of your overall email should be very reasonable, neither it should be too long nor it should be too small. Write medium sized emails and choose your words appropriately.

Most of your prospective buyers use a mobile phone to read your emails, so write a short description about your company and discuss the subject matter of selling product and services more. Choose words that will instigate reader to buy the product right now.

Design your email in a way that it gives an awesome impression about your company on the reader. For writing, effective emails here are some points which you should consider while writing best and appealing email.

  • Write one common template of your email and then convert it to one column template so that it could be read easily on mobile.
  • Select the size of font that is readable on mobile screens easily.
  • Always try to follow the iOS guideline and set the pixels of content at 44 wide by 44 tall. That will increase its readability, even at mobile phones and at laptops.
  • Use attractive words like call-to-action, limited offer, call right now etc that will boost your customers for sure.