Home Articles & Features Ice cream brand Northern Bloc launches crowd funding campaign to fund growth

Ice cream brand Northern Bloc launches crowd funding campaign to fund growth

Ice cream brand Northern Bloc is launches crowd funding campaign to fund growth

Leeds-based ice cream brand Northern Bloc is launching a new Crowdcube campaign to fund the expansion of the current business. The Northern brand are looking to raise funding and develop manufacturing and storage capacity, improving sustainability and driving R&D into vegan, protein and low sugar varieties. The investment will also enable the team to spread the message of 100% natural ice cream to national and international customers.

Launched in 2014 in Leeds by Josh Lee and Dirk Mischendahl, Northern Bloc is embracing the disruptive food revolution taking place by making world class, natural ice cream, free from artificial ingredients and low in sugar with innovative flavour combinations. Suitable for vegetarians, Northern Bloc ice cream is gluten free, additive free, and egg free.

Northern Bloc tripled sales from 2017 and are now looking to take their evolutionary approach to ice cream worldwide – with a customer-driven Crowdcube funding initiative. The company is now aiming to raise £400,000 through the Crowdcube platform.

On the rise of healthy eating trends and increased awareness of the impact our lifestyle choices have on both long-term health and the environment, Northern Bloc is challenging the status quo and standard base mix made from refined man-made products (including e numbers, stabilizers and preservatives) to which artificial flavours and colourings are added. At Northern Bloc they scientifically design each flavour and balance the ingredients. The recipes are made of natural vegetable fibres using pioneering molecular technology developed specifically by them.

Co-founder Josh Lee said: “Dirk and I founded the company in summer 2014, starting off as a street food trader out of the back of an old Bedford van. We saw a gap in the market for using fresh ingredients in ice cream as it was an area that had been stagnant terms of innovation.

“We’re aiming to raise capital to help us grasp opportunities and kick on to a national level and beyond. Crowdcube will give us a range of investors across the UK and a group of people connect with the brand who can guide us.”

Currently in three ranges: Core – indulgent yet pure, Vegan – Vegan society registered, Little Bloc for Kids – made with no refined sugars. There will also be a High Protein line coming soon, so there is more to look out for from this ice cream brand from the North!

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