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Journey to the Pinnacle – and Beyond: Pinnacle Holdings Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

Ollie Piotrowski, Founder of Pinnacle Holdings

Cheshire-based investment and property development company, Pinnacle Holdings, is celebrating ten years in business – building new homes and consulting on a collective portfolio of £500m worth of investments.

Company owner and founder, Ollie Piotrowski, grew the business from scratch, having left school at 16, and at one point earned £20-a-day in his roofing day job whilst studying for a diploma in construction at night school. Ollie has done it all without family money or direct access to a wealthy network of investors – the home advantages many entrepreneurs enjoy.

Instead, down-to-earth Ollie, who set up Pinnacle when he was 24, relied on his instinct for calculated risks, a gritty determination and the tenacity to teach himself about the worlds of business, finance and investment, helping the business to turn over £2m annually.

As a consultant, Ollie, 35, from Lancashire, advises high net-worth individuals – from international footballers to billionaire business people – on multi-million pound investments, from buying into hotels – such as the purchase of the Nobu Hotel in London, to facilitating the purchase of helicopters. His consultation projects have a combined worth of more than £500m.

Highs and Lows

The last decade has brought its fair share of highs and lows to the business, with COVID bringing some of Pinnacle’s most challenging times to bear. “Pinnacle’s model is based on making profit on the initial investment, so if a scheme breaks even or worse, the business doesn’t turn black ink. The model works well but there have been times where I have had to swallow my share of losses.

“When the pandemic hit, we were on site on two separate developments, but everything ground to a halt. I was responsible for covering all the costs while the market was at a complete standstill. It was an extremely stressful time and we had to dig deep – mentally and financially – to keep the business going.

“The fallout from Brexit also caused us significant problems, as our margins were squeezed as the cost of materials sky-rocketed.

“The business requires a lot of mental resilience but I’ve always drawn strength from my Polish grandad, who always reminded us that if we have food on the table and a roof over our heads, we’re doing ok. If I can cover the basics for me and my family, I’m happy.”

Live Schemes and Future Plans

Ollie and his team at Pinnacle are currently developing what may well become Chester’s most expensive residential property – a five-bedroom, 5,000sqft modern riverside home which – elevated on stilts and complete with luxury high-end technology and multiple outside living terraces – would look at home on the Dubai Palm.

Aldersley Oaks in the picturesque village of Tattenhall is Pinnacle’s 61-dwelling development, comprising 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes. The £20m plus development is 80 percent complete, with the remaining homes due for completion by summer 2024.

Pinnacle is currently developing a luxury gated development in the quaint Cheshire village of Davenham, comprising four new build homes, a barn conversion and the sensitive renovation of a grade II listed building. The development is due for completion in summer 2025.

Inspired by Ollie’s love of fitness and getting out to enjoy nature with his family, Pinnacle’s plan for a luxurious off-grid resort will be a foray into luxury hospitality, with a twist. The Minimo scheme will consist of a premium off grid resort in the beautiful British countryside, creating a stunning retreat from the pressures of modern life, allowing residents to get back to nature in five-star comfort.

Ollie said: “Plans are well advanced to bring Minimo to life. We have a site picked out and we’re currently working through planning permissions. This will be an exciting venture for Pinnacle – providing opportunity for investors to get involved with a dynamic and exciting scheme that will fill a gap in the hospitality market.”

Ten years on, Ollie has expanded Pinnacle, capitalising on the breadth of his self-taught investment knowledge, advising a client list of high net-worth individuals and specialising in finding property investment packages for varying international investors and sports personnel. Ollie said: “It’s been a real rollercoaster, but the best feeling about this job is knowing that we are creating homes that are integral to people’s lives. That feels really special to me.

“The team at Pinnacle are a fantastic team of talented individuals and it has been my pleasure to see them grow and help the business to create beautiful homes and make shrewd investments for clients.

“As well as giving cause to look back and celebrate, this year will also act as a huge transition for Pinnacle, bringing to life projects that I hope will help to change lives for the better.”

Reaching Higher

Pinnacle’s plans for the next few years shift focus to include the fulfilment of Ollie’s personal passion to make real change and level the playing field of opportunity for young people. Pinnacle will achieve this aim by building and managing an estate of premium quality children’s homes, with a unique model to support residents in both practical and financial ways.

Ollie said: “Pinnacle will be entering the children’s care home sector, but with the aim of changing the experience of children going through the care system for the better. This includes setting up individual trust funds for the children to access when they’re older, to spend on education or buying their own home.

“We have created a model which includes setting up a charity and buying our first care home site. The model will then roll out to additional sites, with the aim of opening five new homes in five years. The homes themselves will also be equipped with the very best care, from mental health specialists to additional education that focuses on teaching financial literacy skills.”

Pinnacle’s connections with investors will bring the model to life: “The venture will be a viable business, but I want to create a real legacy to be proud of and do our small part to change the world. The gap between social classes in this country is still vast, with opportunities staying within reach of the wealthy and privileged. I want to level the playing field for children in care: One of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the UK.”

As Pinnacle Holdings forges ahead with plans to create more beautiful new homes and secure investment opportunities for clients, it also promises a new era of providing socially responsible, philanthropically-motivated schemes that aim to improve the fabric of society.

And with Ollie at the helm – a little older and wiser, bringing with him the empathy of parenthood and the work-life balance of a family man – Pinnacle’s aims and objectives evolve to mirror its tenacious and socially conscious owner.

“I am excited to see what Pinnacle can achieve in the next ten years. With the right motivations and a decade of experience under our belts, I really believe the sky is the limit.”