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Living Wage helps IKEA Gateshead co-worker get onto the property ladder


Max Storey, a co-worker at IKEA Gateshead, has recently achieved his dream of becoming a home-owner at just 22-years-old after he started receiving the real Living Wage in April 2016.

As a values-driven organisation, IKEA committed to paying the real Living Wage more than two years ago as part of its vision to make a positive contribution to its co-workers’ lives.

Since joining IKEA Gateshead as a part-time co-worker three years ago, Max never believed he would be in a position to get onto the property ladder at such a young age.

After being offered a full-time position in the Kitchens and Dining department and receiving increased pay as IKEA became a Living Wage employer, Max was able to save up enough money for a deposit in just 18 months.

Max comments: “Receiving the Living Wage has been a life-changing experience for me. As well as fulfilling my dream of becoming a home-owner, I’ve also been able to fully furnish my flat in Dunston and install a brand-new kitchen, which I thought would take me years to afford.

“The Living Wage has not only hugely improved my standard of living, but it’s made a real difference to my life at work. I feel so appreciated and supported by IKEA and truly believe there’s no other employer that places so much emphasis on its co-workers.”

IKEA was the first major country-wide retailer to become a Living Wage employer last year, and is also a principle partner of the Living Wage Foundation.

As well as paying the real Living Wage to all co-workers, IKEA UK was the first country to implement the Global Employment Standards, a holistic approach towards improving co-worker satisfaction. As part of this initiative, IKEA introduced one weekend off in four for all customer facing co-workers. This enables co-workers to spend more quality time with their loved ones at the weekend, which is traditionally the busiest time in store.

Max concludes: “Working at IKEA, I feel motivated each and every day, which means I give 100% whilst interacting with customers. I can’t thank IKEA enough for giving me such fantastic career opportunities and changing my life for the better by paying the Living Wage.”

As a Living Wage employer, IKEA will begin paying co-workers the new Living Wage rate, which has been announced as £8.75 per hour and £10.20 for those in London.

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