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Luxury shoemaker hotfoots it to Onstate for re-launch

A luxury British footwear brand that supplies shoes to 007 James Bond has a new spring in its step thanks to Leeds-based ecommerce agency Onstate which has launched a new website for the brand.

Offering consumer friendly functionality, Crockett and Jones also features masses of rich content generated by the in-house marketing team at Crockett & Jones which was able to draw extensively from the archives of the fifth generation, family run, 138-year-old company.


Crockett & Jones has retail stores in London, Birmingham, New York and Paris. In April this year Crockett & Jones was awarded the prestigious accolade of a Royal Warrant by HRH The Prince of Wales as manufacturer and supplier of footwear.

“We love working with brands such as Crockett & Jones,” says Richard Day, director and co-founder at Onstate: “The product, the content and the story had to come together seamlessly, and that challenged us both creatively and technically. Brands need to make the most of the content they produce and we’ve delivered a system that enables them to do that. On top of this, the team at Crockett & Jones have worked tremendously hard to get the assets right and the result is something we’re all very proud of.”

James Fox, Head of Marketing and PR at Crockett & Jones said: “Re-launching crockettandjones.com has been a year-long project for me and my team and finding the right partner who was prepared to take the time to study and appreciate our traditionally minded business was hugely important to us.

“In Onstate we found a team willing to use past experience in a way that complemented our own company strategy and ethos, challenging them every day. High turnover, aggressive growth and unit sales were not on our agenda, but further increasing brand perception and awareness, successfully interacting and communicating with our customers, showcasing our wonderful content and celebrating the reason we are in business – our shoes – most certainly were. We are now proud to refer to crockettandjones.com as a website that we think is amongst the best in the business of the finest footwear available.”

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