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Groundbreaking Manchester Magician Live on the Digital Stage

The radical magician transforming the entertainment scene in Manchester, recognisable under the stage name of Dominic Anthony, known for his unconventional performances with extraordinary tricks that have grabbed the attention of UK ex-footballers and particularly Manchester class of ‘92 legends, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, causing his reputation to soar in a matter of months. Leaping from street performer to securing high-profile appearances at private parties around the globe and recurring gigs every weekend at Manchester’s upscale bar and restaurant, Tattu, and on the grounds of Old Trafford during match days in Hotel Football. With the recent attention, 20-year old Dominic Anthony from Salford set out to create a brand for himself.

“ I’ve evolved a lot in the last few years, both as a person and as a performer, and I wanted my web presence to illuminate my entertainment style, acting as an another stage for me to excite audiences and ultimately persuade people to delve deeper and engage with me. It was important for my website to be more than a ‘digital billboard’ listing key details, but a means of leaving an impression.”

Dominic Anthony appointed e3creative, leading digital agency with a head-office in Manchester, to create his digital persona which involved designing and developing his website.

From falling in love with magic as a child, watching David Blaine on TV, Dominic Anthony set out to redefine the century-old art form and establish a career as a performer. His revolutionary stage presence is unmatched by anything else in the industry and something that must be experienced in order to be fully grasped.

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