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Moirae rebrands Kelda Water Services Defence

Moirae has launched the brand Ancala Water Services, formerly Kelda Water Services Defence.

After a highly competitive selection process, the South Yorkshire based creative agency was commissioned by Kelda Water Services Defence following their acquisition by the infrastructure investment group, Ancala.

The newly formed Ancala Water Services will work in partnership with the Ministry of Defence and manage a £1billion 25-year Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract that delivers water and wastewater services to nearly 1,100 defence sites across England and Wales.

“This is a major project on a national scale and naturally we are delighted to have worked with such an exciting brand,” said David Plant, managing director of Moirae Creative.

Ancala Water Services will now be the contract partner for Package A of the MOD’s Project Aquatrine. Their key strategic objective remains to deliver real value for money through the provision of reliable, responsive, and integrated water and waste water services.

“The main challenge was to launch a new brand with the same objectives, but a refined set of values,” explained creative designer, Daniel Jones.

“We know that Ancala Water Services pride themselves on delivering excellent operational and maintenance services to Ministry of Defence sites across the nation.

“So, it was essential that their core set of values ‘We do the right thing’, ‘We aim high’, ‘We care about the environment’, ‘We treat people fairly’, ‘We are passionate about water’, ‘We are Ancala Water Services’, were expressed through their new brand.”