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New app goes down a storm within tech sector

(L-R) Land Digital project manager Sarah Hewitson, Stormcast Sales Consulting MD Michael Fulthorpe and Land Digital MD Jon Leighton

A Newcastle start-up that specialises in sales training and coaching for businesses in the technology sector, has launched a unique software solution for its clients that sees its successful training method transition from the classroom to day to day operations.

Launched in 2017, Stormcast Sales Consulting’s proven CAST Selling® methodology has been delivered via workshop-based training to the local tech and digital sector which has seen businesses average an uplift of 35% in sales.

Entrepreneur and owner of Stormcast Sales Consulting, Michael Fulthorpe, wanted to build on the success of the workshops by enhancing his customers’ sales success rate on a day to day basis which led to a collaboration with software developers, Land Digital, to evolve the training and coaching product into an easy-use app.

“Our customers provided feedback following our coaching workshops which made us realise we could offer more to them in the adoption phase where other sales training programs fall short, through an app for PC, MAC and mobile devices which would enable them to further benefit from our methodology,” he said.

“The CAST Selling app provides sustainable engagement where businesses and their teams can drive the adoption of the methodology, identify gaps in knowledge around opportunities, use the formula to work through and review how they are doing in the sales cycle and capturing actions. On trial, we typically saw a rapid increase in forecasting accuracy, shorter sales cycles, increases in deal size and higher win rates.

“Our clients understood immediately how this concept will help them and for us, it is just the start as we intend to develop the application further to help our customers stay on track within their sales cycles and identify additional opportunities in a more modern approach to traditional sales training methods.”

The new CAST Selling app was developed to help SME businesses in the tech sector transform their sales processes by providing a cloud based solution for sales people to capture, evaluate and understand gaps in the customer buying cycle to move the sale forward.

Newcastle-based digital and software development agency Land Digital leveraged the methodology to create the app in just six months.

Project manager Sarah Hewitson said: “We designed the app to make it very easy for Stormcast’s customers to use to ensure their sales targets could not only be reached but exceeded through ease of use and adoption, helping them to grow and develop further.

“We love to work with innovative businesses and Stormcast Sales Consulting has been a great company to work with, an exciting project to work on and we look forward to helping them develop the software more in the coming year.”

The new CAST Selling app is available free to all businesses who use the training and coaching programme and works by incorporating live sales opportunities and outputs to show more tangible results even during the initial training.