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New Board Structure At S2S As Expansion Continues

Stephen Daughtrey, Chairman of S2S

The management board, at South Yorkshire based data disposal company S2S, has been strengthened with the re-appointment of industry expert Stephen Daughtrey as Chairman.

Stephen founded the business in the late 1980’s after identifying that the growth in technology would require businesses to have a mechanism which enabled them to dispose of their assets safely and securely.

“I’m delighted to be part of the team once again at a company which I still have a huge passion for and belief in,” said Stephen. “As the business continues to grow and expand the team will be able to draw on my industry and business knowledge, and I can ensure we remain focused on delivering high levels of customer service alongside our clear growth strategy.”

Stephen joins existing board members Grant Barton, Chief Executive, Alan Dukinfield, Commercial Director and Chris Hare, Sales Director. Combined, they have decades of experience in providing tangible solutions for corporate data security for I.T and mobile devices.

Grant Barton, Chief Executive commented; “S2S continues to make huge inroads into this competitive market by providing a range of unique services to satisfy the demands of an ever- growing list of blue chip clients, where the secure processing and deletion of data, stored on I.T. assets, is of paramount importance. Having Stephen on board will only reinforce our focus and clearly demonstrates to our customers and competitors, our will to enjoy further success and growth.

“In a world where digitally stored personal, financial and sensitive data is a huge part of business process, it is imperative that more opportunities are presented for organisations to be able to recover, or dispose of, their data and assets safely and securely. We have appraised the challenges met by companies, the legal requirements from a GDPR and data protection perspective, and now have a business that facilitates a wide range of demands from our customer base. “

S2S Group, based in South Yorkshire, was established in 1989 and is now paving the way in the industry in how it supports the disposal of data across a wide range of disciplines with its exclusive ‘live Trakk.I.T system’ providing a unique item by item record of customer’s equipment.

Grant concluded; “As awareness continues to grow, more and more companies are beginning to put asset disposal policies in place not only for data security purposes but also so that IT assets are disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible way,” said Grant. “Such complex procedures are definitely best left to companies like ours with the technical expertise to ensure that data and assets are protected, even after they are no longer required.”

The new board structure follows on from the company’s recent move to a new 30,000 sq,ft. facility which, has been specifically designed to handle increased volumes of material following recent new business gains.