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New Start-Up Success Tool

Jonathan Hill of Pierrepont Accountants (L) accepting the first BuBul licence from creator Nigel Greenwood (R)

A Holmfirth firm has secured the first ever licence for a new, innovative software package designed to help start-up businesses to succeed and grow.

Pierrepont Accountants has just become the first licence holder of BuBul, an interactive online tool to help new businesses work out what needs to be done and how to do it.

Starting a new business can be daunting and a lot of time, money and effort is spent on a steep learning curve. Putting the user in a virtual room with up to 25 business experts, BuBul asks a number of questions about the business, each question being determined by the answer to the previous question. It then works out a tailored set of actions and recommendations, with links pointing to different advice sources. Existing businesses also get a map of customer ‘touchpoints’ (ways a consumer comes into contact with a brand before, during and after making a purchase), with those needing attention being highlighted. The advice ensures businesses offer the best possible customer experience.

Based in Thongsbridge, Holmfirth, they specialise in helping people to start and grow businesses in Yorkshire. Senior Partner of Pierrepont, Jonathan Hill, explained “We were involved in testing the new software about six months ago and really liked it. It’s an essential tool for new and small business owners who are struggling for time and money. It works so well that we wanted to make it available to our clients as soon as possible.”

BuBul’s creator, Nigel Greenwood of Huddersfield-based Simply Customer, said “We’ve been working the prototype for a long time now and we’re really excited to finally be able to start offering licences and see start-up businesses really benefitting from using it. It feels especially satisfying for the first ever BuBul licence to go to a local company.”

Pierrepont is making the software available free of charge immediately to clients and anyone looking to start a business. 22 more firms are currently testing the software, with 45 more interested in obtaining a licence.

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