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Newcastle Headquartered Fenwick harnesses AI to improve customer experience

Fenwick store in Newcastle

We all know that more and more businesses harness AI technology to improve customer engagement, Newcastle-headquartered Fenwick is leading the charge. The popular chain of nine luxury stores has announced it selected FoundIt’s unique AI-based customer journey optimisation platform as part of an ongoing commitment to offering the very best shopping experience for their customers.

The FoundIt! platform uses a unique blend of AI designed to optimise the shopping experience on large ecommerce websites. Unlike traditional personalisation, FoundIt! doesn’t depend on cookies or an individual’s browsing history, instead looking at natural language trends to predict what customers might want. FoundIt! goes far beyond product recommendations, instead specialising in dynamically re-architecting website navigation around the customer in near real-time.

Andrew Jayes, Digital Director at Fenwick, says, “Having used Foundit! in my previous role I have witnessed first-hand what an impact their journey optimisation technology can have on increasing revenue. Their method of implementation via AB test is risk free for Fenwick and I know I can trust their team to do a great job for me.”

Commenting on the news, Warren Cowan CEO & Founder of Foundit! says, “Fenwick is a British institution who are committed to a great customer experience, that is why I am thrilled we’re working with them on their retail website to optimize customer journeys & grow sales.”