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Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust cut carbon-emissions using cargo bikes

Newcastle-based e-cargo company ZMOVE have partnered with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in a bid to help the health trust reduce their carbon footprint. In June 2019, Newcastle Hospitals declared a Climate Emergency and their mission to become carbon neutral by 2040, making them the first NHS Trust – and the first health organisation in the world – to do so. By partnering with ZMOVE, the Trust will be able to transport goods emission-free across the city, paving the way for other companies to follow. It’s collaborations between ZMOVE and forward-thinking local businesses that are set to maximise the sustainability of Newcastle and Gateshead’s goods movement.

Newcastle Hospitals’ announcement follows a series of pioneering green initiatives that have taken place across Newcastle in the past year, such as the City Council’s Clean Air Zone proposals, Newcastle University’s Net-Zero CO 2 Emissions by 2040 declaration and the city’s Smart City of the Year award. Currently, the NHS is responsible for 40% of public sector emissions in the UK, while the transport industry is responsible for 33% of the UK’s carbon footprint.

From October 2019, Newcastle Hospitals is trialling zero-emission e-cargo bike courier deliveries every weekday for three months to help reduce local air pollution and combat the advancing climate health emergency caused by climate breakdown. In partnership with ZMOVE, the NHS Foundation Trust will be one of the first examples in the UK to make the move to a sustainable transportation alternative.

James Dixon, FIEMA CEnv, Head of Sustainability at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are committed to influencing a modal shift to more active and sustainable methods of travel for our staff, patients, goods and service. In doing so, we will be improving local air quality, as well as meeting our climate emergency challenge by driving down carbon emissions. It’s exciting to partner with an innovative local company aligned to our core values of health and sustainability.”

ZMOVE is determined to make Newcastle Gateshead a healthier and safer place to live. Their short-range transport system can deliver goods efficiently, saving pollution – around 240g CO 2 per mile travelled – as well as time and money, by taking cycle routes to avoid peak-time city-centre traffic and the imminent Clean Air Zone charge. During the three-month trial with Newcastle Hospitals, ZMOVE expects to cover approximately 480 miles, with potential pollution savings of 212kg CO 2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) and 463g of NO x (nitrous oxides, a crucial component in air pollution).

The trial will also focus on the ability to maintain high safety and security standards in a timely fashion. Fitted with a bike and cargo hold automatic locking system, deliveries can be electronically receipted with notifications sent to clients by text or email and all loads are insured against damage or loss.

Nick Mason, ZMOVE Director, said: “The ZMOVE team are delighted with the opportunity to demonstrate what e-cargo bike logistics can offer such a crucial institutional sector. Our quick, quiet, clean fleet offers an affordable and available solution to address the climate emergency and local air quality crisis. To facilitate making the move towards a more sustainable future, we are providing an introductory offer of the first delivery free and 33% off for your first month.”

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