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Newly appointed senior managers in the North urged to move forward with confidence

Typically, a senior manager’s role is to translate the company’s strategic business plan into a working brief, whilst also striving to improve business health through continued improvement plans. This is all whilst supporting their team, their executive leadership team and ensuring personal self-care and development.

It can be extremely rewarding and exhilarating when done right, but exhausting, demoralising and downright painful when done wrong. Thankfully, Margo Manning is on hand to help any senior manager to move forward with confidence in her new book, ‘The Step-Up Mindset For Senior Managers’.

The second book in ‘The Step-Up Mindset’ series, ‘The Step-Up Mindset For Senior Managers’ has been written for those wishing to move into a senior manager role and existing senior managers who are new to their role or have received no formal development.

The book focuses on three vital areas of responsibility; self, business and team management. Within its practical, easy-to-digest chapters, Margo reveals how to ‘know your why’ and align motivations to career aspirations. She also encourages the reader to remove the superhero cape and focus on their roles and responsibilities, whilst also creating a high-performance culture.

Each chapter is followed with an opportunity to reflect on the details and consider how this resonates personally. The recommended exercises at the end of each chapter have been expertly designed to help build a deeper understanding of the key themes.

“Hard Fact, you, the manager, are often the catalyst of your team’s troubles,” explains Margo, who is one of the UK’s top Leadership and Management Coaches and Facilitators and has a background in supporting top FTSE 100 companies. “It is your responsibility as a senior manager to ensure that you are supporting the businesses’ success, closely followed by having a duty of care to your team. To meet your goals and that of the business, you will be required to grow and sustain a team who are motivated and productive.”

Maintaining a balance of a strategic (proactive) versus an operational (reactive) approach is a key trait of any successful senior manager, and Margo illustrates how to bring continuous improvements to the business whilst also knowing which changes will bring the greatest ROI.

“The objective of the book is to enhance and prepare your mindset and your skillset to become an outstanding senior manager. Focusing on their mindset will drive the correct behaviours, rounding this off with the required skill set will allow you to become an effective, efficient and successful senior manager,” adds Margo.

‘The Step-Up Mindset For Senior Managers’ is published by Panoma Press and is available now to buy on Amazon