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One Day Agency takes top prize in global awards

Founded little over 6-months ago by ex-Google Ricardo Seixas, the Manchester-based digital marketing agency One Day took one of the top prizes in the very first all-online Global Digital Excellence Awards held yesterday through a live stream.

Amongst top-tier global agencies and brands, the team at One Day were awarded Global Biddable Agency of the Year and Best Use of Research for work with their fast-fashion client Femme Luxe. During the early initial stages of COVID-19 lockdown, One Day was quick to pivot their client’s entire marketing strategy using proprietary tools that allowed them to monitor at scale and in near-real-time emerging market product trends and gauging search intent to be applied across all channels and marketing strategies.

Ricardo shared: “We’ve set ourselves the ambitious goal of breaking old advertising agency models which started exactly by not behaving like an agency. And at the same time truly connect all the dots: creative, media, data and execution. This recognition and work with our client Femme Luxe is exactly that bridge coming to fruition. A big thank you to both teams who boldly embraced this project!”

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