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PR Agency Urges Pet-sector Businesses to Paws its Video for Answer

Northern PR consultancy, Catapult PR, has adopted a novel approach to its marketing in a niche sector of the retail market and is encouraging pet-sector businesses to ‘paws’ its unique video, to access a special offer.

The multi-award-winning agency has commissioned a unique and bespoke video that has rather cute characters highlighting its expertise in some of its specialist areas – pet product services marketing, insurance, and travel.

Catapult PR worked with Superstar Pets – a company that offers a service that cannot be found elsewhere in the world – to create a short video in which Catapult PR’s praises are literally sung by a cute Maltese and a corgi. Bespoke lyrics, created by the video experts, are set to the tune of Black & Gold by Sam Sparro and the setting is initially based on Catapult PR’s Blackpool office before shifting to a red carpet at a gala awards event.

Such was the attention to detail, the video makers hung a picture of Blackpool on the wall of the recreated Catapult PR office and positioned some of the PR firm’s numerous awards around the floor and within the red carpet scene.

The video is already available for viewing on social media, as well as on the home and pet pages of Catapult PR’s website. It is also being used as the basis of a special offer for any new client in the pet, pet insurance or dog-friendly travel sectors. This relates to a 20% reduction off Catapult PR’s fees for the first three months of a campaign and is open to new clients who can say how many Catapult PR awards are mentioned in the lyrics. All they need do is ‘paws’, replay and get the answer.

Catapult PR’s managing director, Jane Hunt, says: “We wanted to do something different to highlight our expertise in the pet, insurance and travel sectors and we are thrilled with the video that Superstar Pets has created for us. It is already commanding attention and is extremely clever and different.

“What we absolutely love are the little touches that went into the visuals, which we never expected to see but which demonstrate the care that went into the production. With our special fees offer to back the launch of the video, we are looking forward to handling some exciting pet-sector PR and marketing campaigns in the coming months, adding more businesses to our current cluster of pet and dog-friendly clients.”

To view the video, head to the Catapult PR home or pet PR page.

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