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Silverlane Developments Unveils an Ambitious £65M Urban Revival Project in Eccles

Silverlane Developments

Silverlane Developments, the distinguished pioneers in North West England’s real estate scene, proudly announce the next phase of their groundbreaking new venture: a transformative £65 million development set to redefine urban living in Manchester. The project involves the demolition of existing properties and the erection of a striking 23-storey multi-use building, comprising 272 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, along with 685 square metres of ground floor commercial space catering to various use classes, including A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, D1, and D2.

Designed to complement the city’s dynamic skyline, the accommodation takes the form of a contemporary ground plus a 3/4/5-storey podium and a soaring tower of ground plus 22 storeys. The podium’s three-sided structure addresses Church Street, Vicarage Grove, and Birkdale Grove, forming an engaging urban presence that enhances the surrounding landscape. Collaborating with esteemed partners like Jeffery Bell Architects and BCEGI UK, Silverlane Developments has set new standards for architectural brilliance and sustainable development in the region.

Key Highlights of Silverlane Developments:

  • A Vibrant Mixed-Use Space: The development’s innovative design brings together commercial spaces and modern apartments, creating a dynamic community hub where residents can live, work, and socialise in a cohesive environment.
  • A Strategic Location: The site’s prime location within Eccles town centre is crucial to the project’s economic success. This proximity to key amenities, public transportation, and commercial establishments ensures a seamless integration of the development into the fabric of the town.
  • North West Focus: The company’s influence spans the entire North West of England, with a particular focus on Manchester and its surrounding areas. Their developments have not only enhanced the local communities but also contributed to the region’s economic growth.
  • Sustainable Urban Planning: Silverlane Developments has diligently responded to the NPPF’s vision of blending housing with town centre uses, creating a well-balanced ecosystem that promotes walkability, convenience, and community engagement.

“We are delighted to present a development that embodies our commitment to sustainable urban planning and economic revitalization. By blending housing and commercial spaces within Eccles town centre, we aim to foster a thriving community that enjoys modern comforts while preserving the town’s unique charm.” – Silverlane Developments Representative

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