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Sweet new era for historic Yorkshire chocolate company


The UK’s largest distributor of personalised chocolates, based in Skipton, is embarking on a new era more than 125 years after it was founded in Cross Hills.

Whitakers Chocolates, which has made its name on the mass-production of chocolates to the retail, catering and leisure industries, is now focusing on a new arm of the business specifically concentrating on the burgeoning bespoke gift market.

It marks the new venture with the launch of full-colour personalised wrapping on chocolate bars.

Fourth generation managing director of Whitakers Chocolates, William Whitaker, explains: “The company has evolved several times over the last century and we now produce around 10 million chocolates a week for businesses including hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. We export to 25 countries around the world with our bulk-purchase products but now we’re tapping into the more bespoke market.

“We’ve built up a sales hub operating from our base in Skipton to target end users and with our new full-colour personalised chocolate bars we’re able to offer a complete range of personalised products.

“We have identified a huge market across all sectors for chocolate products required as giveaways rather than re-sale. Businesses are investing in high-quality items that offer a personal touch – proven to be a hit with customers – also providing another way to promote the business.”

As well as continuing to service major supermarkets and the catering and leisure markets, Whitakers’ new range of personalised confectionery can be turned around within a week and ordered in a minimum of just 100 bars, opening up opportunities for bespoke gifts to boutique and personal customers as well as large corporations.

William adds: “This is a truly exciting time for Whitakers Chocolates. We’ve been the UK market leaders in personalised chocolates for many years and we’re now transforming that landscape with a focus on fully custom-designed products, creating a whole new world of opportunities for establishments that are committed to providing a high-quality and personal service.”

Orders are now being taken from hoteliers, restaurateurs, caterers, retailers and leisure outlets for the 85g bars of chocolate complete with photography of their choice with plans for the same technology to be used from early 2018 for small boxes of chocolates and truffles.

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