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There’s a new kid on the block – the surprising food powering a British Olympian

St Helen’s Farm, producers of fresh and nutritious British goats’ milk products, is fueling Shona McCallin MBE, a Team GB hockey player who struck gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Shona has teamed up with the UK goat milk producer after finding cows’ milk and traditional dairy products caused her discomfort, impacting her tight training schedule and performance on the field.

Shona said, “In 2014 my nutritionist advised me to give up cows’ milk products as I was in constant discomfort. I tried soya milk and other plant-based products but I just didn’t like the taste, it was such a struggle. I was thrilled when I found St Helen’s Farm, I feel so much better after I have started substituting in goats’ milk as it just seems so much gentler on my stomach. I love the taste and feel so much better now I can finally have all of my favourite things again.

“I have a busy schedule and for me balanced and healthy nutrition are fundamental for my training and performance. Since I’ve found St Helen’s Farm, milk in coffee and yogurt with granola are back in my morning routine, I even sneak St Helen’s products on tour with me when I travel to train and compete! They help me to get the protein and energy I need first thing in the morning and before bed.

“I think it’s amazing that making such an easy change has had such a dramatic impact on my personal well-being and day-to-day life. I’m very food conscious and knowing that St Helen’s Farm milk comes from healthy, happy goats makes the great taste even better.”

Rising British hockey star, Shona McCallin, began playing hockey at the age of six and has since found herself on a rapid ascent through the ranks of elite international players and achieved her 50th combined international appearance for Great Britain and England during the Rio Olympic Final, a historic night for the Great Britain Hockey team.

Cornelia Wernhart, marketing manager at St Helen’s Farm who is sponsoring Shona on her journey to Tokyo 2020 said “Shona is an inspiration and a role model to young people across the UK. She shouldn’t have to compromise on her food choices and it is great to see what an impact a simple switch is having on her well-being and performance.

“Shona has been using St Helen’s Farm goat’s milk as part of her daily routine for about 12 months now so it really seemed like a natural fit, we are delighted to be able to provide her with the energy sources that she needs for her rigorous training schedule. We are thrilled to be working together to showcase the benefits of switching to goats’ milk so that others can get back to the top of their own games”

St Helen’s Farm was founded in 1986 on a smallholding near Barmby on the Marsh in East Yorkshire. More and more people in the UK are becoming increasingly aware that cows’ milk may not suit the needs of their body and are seeking alternatives to traditional dairy products. Goats’ milk is nutritionally closest to cows’ milk, yet many people who perceive they have issues with cows’ milk can drink goats’ milk without any problems.