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Wealth management company invests in its team with four new appointments

Associate Financial Planner Jebun Kazi, Adviser Client Support, Isabelle Spencer, Robin Townsend, Compliance Director, Chartered Financial Planner Ella Davies

Clarion Wealth Planning has a newly expanded team to strengthen its commitment to true lifelong financial planning for clients.

The Alderley Edge firm has improved its financial planning power by 20% with four new appointments; Chartered Financial Planner Ella Davies, Associate Financial Planner Jebun Kazi, Robin Townsend, Clarion’s first Compliance Director and joining the Adviser Client Support team, Isabelle Spencer.

Ella, who specialises in complex retirement and estate planning cases, said: “I chose to join Clarion because of its professionalism. It absolutely aligns with my approach to true financial planning and the high standards I adhere to for my clients.

“My personal objective is to help more female clients take control of their financial future. Female advisers are few and far between and female Chartered Fellows even more so. I think this is part of the reason women are less likely to seek financial advice so hopefully, I will be helping to change that.”

Associate financial planner Jebun, who will be working alongside Ella, achieved her Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning from the CII last year and is now aiming for Chartered Status.

She said: “Clarion’s promise of true lifelong financial planning means so much more than just advising clients of the performance of their investments over the last year. Financial advice is just a part of a whole bigger picture for us, and I am excited to be working alongside Ella and to be part of the Clarion team.”

Isabelle Spencer, who joins the team from Royal London and Robin Townsend, add further experience to the raft of appointments.

Robin said: “It is fantastic to join the Clarion team. Clarion attracted me as a company because of the type of clients with which it works and the top-quality service it strives to offer.

“The business has an excellent compliance record. It takes the matter very seriously with its own rules, policies and processes on top of those from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to achieve protection and excellent outcomes for clients – and I aim to further enhance this work.”

Isabelle added: “I enjoy being part of the Clarion team and finding positive solutions to any challenge given. I believe that the method of how we tailor the financial plan, to also include personal goals and not just financial ones, is unique and this was just one of the things that first attracted me to Clarion.”

Clarion founder Ron Walker is delighted to see 2022 start with a strengthened team.

He said: “Clarion Wealth Planning is going from strength to strength, and these appointments ensure that we will continue to provide a superlative service. We are delighted people of such calibre have become part of the Clarion Wealth Planning family. They have all already demonstrated their commitment to high quality financial planning and will be great assets to our clients.”