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Workbook Set to Change Goal Setting for Young Adults

A new workbook is hitting the shelves to help young adults set goals successfully, boosting achievement and increasing positivity in the age group.

Released alongside No Time For Later the pair of books is ideal for proactive teenagers, for teens to use with parents and for schools to encourage goal setting.

“Dedicated to those who want to give goal setting a boost, the cover, as its sister book, is colourful and inspiring, and each page carries a bright and positive design.

“Also reflecting No Time For Later, Dr Kaltume’s (the author) influence comes through as very personal. The workbook is like having a person to guide you in the room. From the get-go, it asks the student to write current goals down, so they can be held accountable. That’s a powerful way to start.

“The clean design, and lots of space for thoughts, doodles and planning, is fantastic as is the tone which is ideal for ‘talking’ to young adults. The workbook encourages focus and positivity energy whilst allowing personality – this approach will have its target audience turning the pages time after time.

“The workbook guides in a clear and concise way, separating activities, ambitions and goals into straight forward tasks. The advice on goals throughout is invaluable when considering teens are likely to lose interest in task based activity, so encouraging the work to be from their own hearts and heads is brilliant – giving this age group ownership and the opportunity to explore themselves, which is important in continued engagement!

“Key to Dr Kaltume’s advice in the sister book No Time For Later is ‘Ensure that whatever goal you set is related to your passion and future. Don’t set empty or irrelevant goals.’ This is so true and something that young people need to consider daily, as much of what worries this age group can become irrelevant in the future, so to really dig down is a very positive way to learn more about themselves.

“The workbook is perfectly in tune with current book trends, with blanks pages for personal goals, thoughts, lessons learnt and affirmations. Akin to a gratitude journal in its feel, this workbook is what will help keep young people firmly on their track. I’d like to see a version for people in business, decision makers, and parents too! It is very transferable across many sectors of society where goals are all important.

“Well done Dr Kaltume! Hats off to you for an excellent creation of books which will without doubt help young people flourish…..”

The two books are available to purchase from Amazon.

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