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Adzooma opens up free access to their platform


Digital and technology platform provider, Adzooma, today announced that they will be providing free access to their entire platform for all businesses. Adzooma had previously opened up free access for a limited period only to support businesses throughout the pandemic but have subsequently decided this should be extended indefinitely.

The international platform will now be available free of charge to agencies, small businesses and all those who use Google, Microsoft or Facebook to showcase their business or services, as well as existing agencies and SME clients.

Rob Wass, Co-Founder & CEO commented: “When we launched Adzooma, our mission was very clear – make digital marketing accessible and straightforward to all businesses, no matter what their size, and strive to help businesses grow through the power of innovative technology, whilst remaining open, honest and transparent.

“By opening up our platform free of charge, we believe this brings us ever closer to our mission and helps to support businesses of all sizes, especially in these uncertain times.”

The Adzooma platform has seen a surge in usage as businesses, marketers and workers are more heavily reliant on online activity due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In May, the company launched Adzooma Marketplace. This is a platform that matches specialist agency services with a company’s specific marketing needs.

Trusted agencies with professional expertise ranging from search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation to content marketing, web design and much more, are listed on the Adzooma Marketplace platform, whereby companies can subsequently find the right agency for them, generating mutual success and profitability on both sides.

Director and Co-Founder at Adzooma, David Sharpe said: “All of this has been made possible by Adzooma Marketplace.

“We’ve always had the goal of making advertising more accessible to everyone, however, as our platform evolved we received more and more requests for website builds, app developments, SEO services and more. Services we couldn’t deliver without misdirecting the development of Adzooma’s core technology.

“Yet we realised that the expertise to fulfil these additional requests was readily available in our user network. Therefore, by connecting the right marketing service providers with businesses via our new Marketplace platform, we’ve been able to refocus our attention on fulfilling our goal.”

Adzooma uses AI-powered technology to provide unique optimisations, custom automation, and white-label reporting to save time and reduce wasted spend across the three major advertising platforms. The platform now manages, optimises and reports on over $500,000,000 a year in ad spend across Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Rob added: “This doesn’t mean we’re scaling back in anyway, in fact quite the opposite, we’ve invested millions in the technology that makes Adzooma so effective and we’ll continue to do so.

“Providing free access to Adzooma simply allows us to truly level the playing field for businesses of all sizes whether you’re spending £100,000 a month on advertising or £100. Our technology will only improve from here on in.”

“Advanced technology in the marketing world has long been out of reach for a large percentage of businesses, and it was always our philosophy to change that. Today we’ve made a big step towards making that change.”

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