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Cascading Knowledge Via Vistage

Two of a leading cash management company’s employees have a bright future after completing a two-year Emerging Leaders course with Vistage in the North East.

Georgia Boddy and Luke Roberts of Cascade Cash Management were given the fabulous opportunity to improve their knowledge, confidence and capabilities in the workplace by their employer. Setting off on the journey two years ago with Vistage Chair for the North East and Northumberland Andrew Marsh, the pair have come on leaps and bounds and the experience is benefitting not only their own selves but the company as a whole.

Georgia who has been at Cascade for five years has worked her way up the ladder to Head of Operations and she was only six months into the management role when she joined the Emerging Leaders cohort. She said:

“Throughout the programme we have had 12 incredible speakers who have increased my understanding of what it means to be a leader. One of my favourites was Hannah Miller on understanding your own strengths and the strengths of others – the session taught me that to be a good leader you need to lead by the mantra “leadership is about recognising the strengths in others, not just yourself”. I also really enjoyed the Mark Robb session where we had to focus on what we would like people to say about us in a speech at our 80th birthday party. It’s about being your authentic self in both your personal and professional life to ensure that your team can trust your intentions”

“I took so much away from every session and would like to thank my peers, Andrew and the speakers for their generosity and honesty in making this journey so enjoyable.”

Cascade Cash Management specialise in “Savings Made Simple” helping people reach their savings goals faster, smarter and happier. With an ever-growing customer base, the national company has an HQ in Wallsend where Luke Roberts is head of administration, and he says that he has been able to apply everything he has learnt on the course to his role:

“I have increased my confidence in talking with the team, developing a team priority matrix and I now live by the seven habits which help me be pro-active. I have been able to build trust with our clients, and our retention has improved with our client base doubling since Georgia and I joined the cohort. Between us we have helped the team to time manage through this this growth period, stay focussed and have a positive impact.”

The pair were sponsored by their CEO Dr Emma Black, who believes in investing in talent and growing their team to be aligned with the company’s growth aspirations. She said:

“As a member of Vistage myself it is important to be instrumental in driving change and investing in the future of talent in the team. In the last two years Luke has become in clearer in what he enjoys and is good at; and uses those talents for Cascade’s benefits. Georgia is a fantastic natural leader, and it has been rewarding seeing her implement what she has learnt. It is the start of both of their leadership journey’s and I am very proud of them both.”

Some of the companies joining Cascade Cash Management in the commitment to grow their own talent by enrolling them onto the Vistage Emerging Leaders group was Trade Interchange, Citizens Advice Gateshead. AUS, Jumping Rivers and Re:Heat. Andrew runs a number of peer groups via Vistage for CEOs and small business owners as well as the emerging leaders. He also is well know for his facilitation and mentoring of the cohort for existing and aspiring trustees, NEDS, board advisors and consultants operating at board level with Experience Bank Group. He concluded:

“I am very proud to have celebrated the graduation this Vistage group. Through a combination of the individuals enjoying Vistage speakers and as a group processing the importance of leadership skills, their employers are now benefiting from better performance at work and they are personally reaping the rewards.

“I do have a new cohort planned to start in the coming months. If you have a star in the making in your team and want to help them be their very best version, then do get in touch for more information!”