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Daughter Returns To Charity She Grew Up In

The daughter of a regional charity CEO has returned to the charity her mother established whilst she was growing up, to build her career and support the organisation through Its next period of growth.

Hannah Turney grew up helping at Silverline Memories from the age of 11 and now 21, she has joined her mother Sandra Coulter in the bid to help even more people with dementia and their families.

Appointed as Executive Assistant to the Board and CEO, Hannah’s return is at a critical time for the organisation as it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a Hollywood themed fundraising ball on 11th May. Hannah said:

“I remember Mum saying she was starting a charity to help people and there was five people in the church hall. I used to come along to help and did jobs such as stuff envelopes and put chairs away after meetings. It is an exciting time to officially be part of Silverline Memories and the ball is going to be an amazing way to celebrate what has been achieved, as well as fundraise.

“I am so proud of everything that has been achieved from what was originally a family passion. I am currently looking for sponsors for the ball, for prizes to be donated and encouraging people to buy tickets.”

The charity, which is based in Kenton, was founded because of a passionate belief that life should not end with a diagnosis of dementia. The ever-growing team of employees and volunteers work hard to provide opportunities to keep people with dementia and their families active and engaged, connecting with each other to enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing. Sandra said:

“Hannah has always been dedicated to Silverline Memories, even taking her food hygiene course at the age of 16 so she could be more involved. As the charity has grown, so has the workload and it became apparent, especially with the impending ball, that an extra layer of support was needed for me and the board members. Hannah’s understanding of the charity, and her passion for the cause made her the perfect choice!”

The charity currently supports 280 people across 158 households, and with its 2024 fundraising drive and its new wellbeing centre recently opened at Kenton Shopping Centre, the team hope to be able to support many more families who are affected by the condition.

Although the charity is funded by grants from both national and local trusts and organisations, the generosity of supporters and corporate donations are key. With that in mind, Silverline Memories are reaching out to anyone who would like to sponsor the event, provide a prize or any restaurants / food outlets who will donate a voucher to their grub grab raffle.

Tickets can be bought at and more information on the charity is available on Silverline Memories website.