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Collabco’s continued success

Collabco celebrate a continued period of success, finishing the calendar year on a high!

Liverpool-based Collabco is pleased to share news of their continued success despite the Covid-19 pandemic and challenging market conditions.

In December alone, the company were thrilled to have welcomed four new customers within various regions around the world. The University of Oulu in Finland, Weltec and Whitireia University in New Zealand, CBS International Business School in Germany and Nightingale College in the US have joined their expanding customer base continuing their international expansion. The Collabco team are looking forward to working with and supporting their new customers.

“Our continued success during this challenging year is down to our amazing team and the strength of our product. We’re delighted to be working with more international customers and helping customers across the globe develop world-leading systems which engage and retain their users.” says Andrew Taylor, CEO of Collabco.

This continued success comes amidst further improvements and additions to both the company and the platform:

  • Employee numbers continue to grow by a further 20% as new roles are created within the sales, development, customer success and product teams. The company intends to utilise the government’s Kickstart scheme to assist young people to get into the job market.
  • Collabco is continuing to pioneer new ways to expand existing customers platforms and functionality and working collaboratively with customers on new features. Exciting new projects are in the pipeline and will be announced in coming months.

To learn more about Collabco’s myday platform visit their website.

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