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Global Entrepreneur Tour Lands In Manchester

Manchester, home of innovation and social change from the seeding of feminism, the creations of the internet (computers) and splitting of the atom will play host to the ‘Entrepreneur 5.0’ event this May.

Entrepreneur 5.0 is a unique one-day event to help businesses get ‘2020 Ready’ with the top 12 strategies used by the world’s leading entrepreneurs and fastest growing companies.

Renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton will be leading the event and sharing his knowledge with guests. Mr Hamilton has been following the Japanese government initiative, Society 5.0 since it was announced last year. A brand new concept to describe the outcome of the 4th industrial revolution we find ourselves in the midst of.

Daniel Halenko, Co-founder of CATORI and host to this event, said: “Society has moved from being a hunter-gatherer, all the way through to the information age we see today. As AI, Robotics and Big Data are becoming all the more prevalent the landscape is set to change once again.”

With the world in a state of constant change, the event explains how businesses in the North of England can step fully into the Northern Powerhouse vision to be part of the solution, ushering in the new world.

Entrepreneur 5.0 is a pioneering blueprint to help you grow your company from one customer to one million and be an active part of the new interaction businesses will have as the world enters Society 5.0. This one day workshop is an opportunity for guests to get ahead of the curve and see what part they can play as the world begins to shift.

This event is part of the World Series Tour sharing this transformational information and will only be in the UK for two dates, London 17th May and Manchester 21st May.

The event starts at 8.00am and ends at 3.30pm followed by networking, tickets are £97 and are available at Entrepreneur 5.0