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HR expert warns businesses of ‘new year, new job’ mentality

Nicky Jolley, managing director of HR2day

HR2day, a human resources specialist based in Darlington, is warning businesses that the festive season is also the greatest time for employees to be rethinking their careers, so now is the time to invest in staff development.

The first working Monday of every year is the most popular day for employees to look for a new job, with January seeing about one in five workers looking for a move away from their current role, according to a survey by Investors in People (IIP).

This change in attitude is caused by new year’s resolutions, reflecting on life during the Christmas holidays and with the prospect of a January full of short and dark days.

HR2day, which works with small to medium sized business, is advising businesses to make sure staff are rewarded and recognised this year and to invest in continuing professional development to stop colleagues moving on in 2021.

Nicky Jolley, managing director of HR2day said: “This year has been tough for all businesses, and with new year’s resolutions around the corner it is important that employees feel like they are a valuable part of the team.

“January is usually a time for appraisals and promotions at work, so this year I would recommend that SMEs, in particular, take this time to confirm that their staff are content within their roles, are being rewarded for their hard work and choose to continue working for you and your business.

“Even if the business isn’t in a position to offer bonuses, raises or promotions, ensuring some continuing professional development is available to staff at all levels. This will not only provide new skills within the business, but also provide much needed stimulation for restless employees.”

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