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Jobs boost for Manchester lighting supplier

Simon Millman, Tom Ralston and Ash Richardson (Senior Relationship Manager, NatWest)
Simon Millman, Tom Ralston and Ash Richardson (Senior Relationship Manager, NatWest)

Bespoke retail and display lighting supplier, Tagra Lighting, has moved into a new design and production facility in Trafford Park, Manchester, after receiving £712,500 in funding from NatWest.

Thomas Ralston set out to disrupt the lighting market in 2011 when he launched Tagra Lighting, providing tailor-made systems and a bespoke customer service experience to customers across the globe. Alongside his two business partners, Simon Millman and James Barabas, Thomas has grown the business into a highly successful venture with a £2 million turnover.

The new Manchester facility is specifically designed for efficient and timely operations, allowing Tagra Lighting to deliver with total confidence on orders up to £1m. The business has grown rapidly thanks to Thomas’s constant drive for innovation and his robust and trusted network of global suppliers. He is now planning on expanding his workforce, with an additional 15 positions in management and website design up for grabs to add to Tagra Lighting’s existing 13 strong workforce.

Tagra Lighting provides an end-to-end service, from design to production, to delivery, catering to a variety of high profile customers, including Next, New Look and Harrods. With orders designed and manufactured in the UK, the business provides cost-effective, easy to install and innovative lighting systems for clients.

Thomas Ralston, Managing Director, said of the deal with NatWest: “I started Tagra Lighting as a one-man business with a small office and a small van, and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come. The funding from NatWest has been the driving force behind the business’s recent success. The new space has allowed us to increase production and hold more stock which means we can respond more efficiently to the needs of our customers.

“This has already had a positive effect on the company’s growth and our future prospects.”

NatWest Senior Relationship Manager Ash Richardson, said: “The team at Tagra Lighting have years of combined industry experience, so it’s been great to work alongside them and help them to move into their new home. I have no doubt that the business will flourish and continue to add to its impressive roster of clients.”

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