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Leeds digital agency help Strata continue digital transformation

Leading homebuilder, Strata, begun 2020 with the launch of a new website in line with their digital transformation programme and growth ambitions.

The new website, delivered by Leeds agency Pixelbuilders, promotes Strata’s growing collection of new homes across Yorkshire and the Midlands; as well as their array of lifestyle events, charity work and insights for the modern home buyer.

One of the important new features of the website is the ability to seamlessly link with Strata’s internal processes and systems, allowing potential buyers to book specific time slot viewings and reserve a new home from any of the available plots online in real time, all from the comfort of their own home.

The online reservation function has aided in the evolution of Strata’s customer journey and adds an element of customer decision making and control more commonly seen in the retail sector than in house building.

Gemma Smith, Managing Director of Strata, said, “We constantly push ourselves to better the experience we offer our customers, so when we reviewed the home buying research and decision making journey it was clear that we had to make it as easy and seamless as possible and to enable them to confidently make a decision about which home they preferred, and also to do that in a place and time that suited them. The website now enables them to do that, and we have already seen strong results and great feedback from our customers”

Andrew Ackroyd, Creative Director at Pixelbuilders, said, “We have been Strata’s digital partner for over 6 years and this is one of the biggest releases we’ve done for them. The implemented design really reflects who Strata are as a business and what you experience as a Strata customer. The new website lays the foundations for some exciting additions in 2020. Our collaboration and close-working nature on this and other projects for them means we can ensure they stay ahead of the curve and the competition in their sector for years to come.”

The website will prove to be the launch-pad for many other new digital transformations and enhancements that Strata are planning to release this year as part of their goal to be the UK’s leading digitally-focussed homebuilder.